Bays leather holsters are all made with American top grain leather and hardware. Some of the features that come standard on our products are:

Hand boned and precisely molded to your gun

Comes standard with sweat shield to protect wearer and slide

Rides very close and comfortable to your body

Built-in sight channel  to protect your front sight

Rides at a forward angle to aid in a quick draw and to keep the butt of your gun from printing under your shirt

All belt loops and slots are cut to fit up to an 1 ¾ inch belt

Any holster made with loops and snaps are replaceable. If there is ever a problem with either one just contact me and I will replace them at no cost.

Holsters are built on a curve to better conform to the wearers body

All IWB holsters are built with a throat reinforcement to keep the holster open when gun is drawn which aids in re-holstering.