Almost all custom holsters come tight on the weapon and very stiff. Each individual owner desires a different amount of retention. Just a few steps will help properly break in your new holster to your desired taste.

Carefully unload the weapon and wrap it in two layers of wax paper (wax to the outside) and seat it fully into the holster. Let it sit overnight. Next, remove the wax paper and work the weapon in and out a few dozen times. Try the fit. If it is still too tight repeat the process with three layers of paper. Repeat the process until you are comfortable with the fit.

Care and Maintenance:

You will occasionally need to clean your holster. Hard bar glycerin soap is all that is recommended. Let it dry naturally. Do not use any outside heat source. After it is dry apply a very light coat of Kiwi neutral show polish. Buff it with a brush or soft cloth. DO NOT put oils or conditioners on your holsters. They will soften the leather and will start to lose shape and retention.