Handling Firearms

Treat all firearms as if they were loaded. Never allow the firearm to be pointed at yourself or anyone else. It is solely your responsibility to use safe gun handling practices at all times. We strongly urge gun owners to seek professional training in the safe use of firearms.


Holstering Firearms

Holstering a firearm with a round loaded into the chamber can be a risky proposition with some types of pistols and can result in an unintentional discharge. Again we recommend professional training in the proper and safe use of firearms. Holstering the firearm with the chamber empty is always safer.

Never holster or draw a firearm with your finger inside the trigger guard.

Never allow the firearm to be pointed at any part of your body while holstering.

Never use a holster for any model of firearm other than the model it was designed to fit.

Extreme physical activities can cause a firearm to become dislodged from it’s holster. You should always hold the weapon securely in the holster during such activity.

The safe use of this holster is solely the responsibility of the user.



Your holster was designed for a particular model of firearm. Firearms manufacturers are constantly modifying their products and Bays Leather will not be responsible for safety issues resulting from these changes.

Always check the fit and function of your holster with an unloaded firearm before putting it into service.

Never alter your holster in any way. Trying to alter a holster to accommodate different firearms or accessories can result in unsafe conditions with regard to retention, de-activation of safeties, accidental activation of triggers, and other issues. Altering firearms can result in similar problems.


– Failure to observe these safety warnings could result in serious injury or death. –



The end user is solely responsible for the use of this product and accepts all liability associated with its use.


Care and Storage of your holster

If you store your holster, do so in a cool dry place. Direct sunlight and heat can cause drying and cracking of leather while excess moisture can cause mildew.

If your holster becomes water soaked, allow it to dry at room temperature.

The exterior may be cleaned and conditioned with commercial leather dressings but use these sparingly as excessive amounts will cause softening of the leather.

Caution: It is not advisable to store guns or cartridges in leather for prolonged periods as moisture accumulation may cause corrosion. This is especially true of brass cartridges but, blued steel can be affected also.


Satisfaction Guarantee

My holsters are made using the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship. Every holster is inspected prior to shipping and is designed to give years of dependable service. We are confident that you will value your purchase for years to come but please inspect your holster thoroughly upon receipt. If you find any defects in material or workmanship, please contact us for return instructions within 14 days of shipment. All returns require prior authorization number and holsters must be in unused condition.

My goal is to provide the finest holsters you’ve ever carried and appreciate your business.